Cabins have been renumbered.            Previous Cabin Number               New Cabin Number         

                                                                                1                                                CR01      

                                                                                2                                                CR04

                                                                                3                                                CR05

                                                                                4                                                CL01


● There is a two night minimum reservation for on-line booking. 

● On-line booking reservations receive a $3 per reservation discount for booking on-line.  

● Tenters may choose any site that they desire. There is not a separate rate for camping in a tent. 

● The park is divided into four areas, each area beginning with one or two letters. These areas are: LG for lagoon sites, R for river sites, L for lake sites, and P for pine sites (the pine sites are those that were previously numbered 54 to 80. 

They are now numbered P94 to P120). Additionally, cabin sites have a C in front of them. Please refer to the new site map to choose a site or cabin. 

● Payment Policy: First night's cost of the reservation must be made at the time of making a reservation. Ten days prior to your arrival the balance will automatically be drafted from the card on file.

Golf Cart Packages


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